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Community Involvement

We interact with the community through events and occasions, programs and initiatives, and most importantly-service. We build genuine relationships and truly connect the with people we work with professionally and through our numerous roles in the community.


One of our marquis events includes our Lieneur Leadership Series where we connect our network to great speakers, content and information while bridging community leaders and stakeholders to each other and their organizations.


Amplify 4 Good

Atlanta Partner's For Education

Atlanta Regional Commision, Millennial Advisory Panel

Atlanta Public Schools Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Division

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Hosea Williams: Feed The Hungry

League of Women Voters

LEAD Atlanta

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

New Leaders Council

President Obama My Brother's Keeper Initiative


United Way of Metro Atlanta

Urban League of Greater Atlanta

Thrive Youth Development, Inc.


" I’m proud to have been able to support the Leadership Series as Lieneur works to keep people engaged in the various key topics that impact our beloved City.  Their passion to keep Atlanta’s young, diverse, and energized population informed on the educational, political, and social issues of the day is vital to the future growth and direction of our City. I look forward to assisting where I can in the future.  I’ve also enjoyed using Lieneur’s network to expand my real estate business opportunities, and hope to continue to access their network as well."

-- Leadership Series Sponsor, Real Estate Professional

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The Lieneur Leadership Series is a forum designed to facilitate a meaningful exchange amongst influential business, government, non-profit and education leaders through an exploration of issues residing at the intersection of information and leadership. The series helps to bridge gaps, bringing together leading professionals from diverse industries. Lieneur is proud to offer this premier platform that cultivates individual growth, community well-being, and conversations that move our communities forward for our city and region's generation of leaders

For more information about sponsoring a series or partner opportunities please contact us.

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" I've attended several Leaderdhip Series and found them extremely informative with high quality speakers. I've also made some great business contacts and looking forward to Lieneur's events."

-- Education Executive

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